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  1. Server is down for 2 days in Prime times. I made a decision and bring my CP here and we cant even start playing for 2 days. We have jobs so we cant play in day and people who play in day have great advantage if u think its all down at our prime time. It happened yesterday, we said okay we start tomorrow. It happened today we said whatever lets wait tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the last chance for us to trust gamecoast. Since we will play just evening to night everyday as a CP we have plans to buy runes etc but so far it feels instable and insecure server to us. I understand your side and did not say a word about it bur if happens 3 days straight at prime time which also prime time for many others, it would be a disaster. We wanna hand on to gamecoast l2 server but if we cant even get to play it 3 days straight then it does not worth. I hope you are doing something for this coz people who have jobs can only play at evening to night with paid runes scrolls to catch up those who can play in day. Its already 2 days loss for them all, for us. @Supervisor
  2. Yeah like searching in AH in English(Original item name) does not give result.
  3. If this is a thing in x5 Fenrir, please send a screenshot so I dont spend my time and money on this server.
  4. Hello, we are 3 friends for now but more to come and we wanna join an English Speaking community to make progress and friends. Feel free to add me at discord or PM here. LoRD#7235
  5. Auction House does not give good result when we type in English. I type "specter" it finds nothing and yet there are tons of specter items on AH. Its a big issue please fix ASAP
  6. Hello, we are 7/7 CP looking for English speaking clan
  7. Hello, we are new in Hellheim. Our setup is; Evas Saint - Iss Doomcryer - Feoh Muse - Siegel Knight - Yull - Feoh Soultaker - Eviscerator We dont need an International clan, we can join Russian clan but at least leader or any officer must know to speak English so we can communicate for parties/epics/sieges etc PM ME here or In game mail "LastWord