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  1. I doubt kenny can cast all castles, would be more interesting with coins to come to siege.
  2. Jotunheim is the land of the giants in the Norse mythology . Two kinds of giants live in Jotunheim , rock giants and frost giants. From here they can attack the humans in Midgard and the gods in Asgard . Jotunheim is ruled by King Thrym .
  3. You are in the wrong letter event, this is the correct
  4. That happens when somebody assume things he dont know about. In Korea Fragments are extremly rare and can take Years to get the right Fragment. Ask him what is better 1 hand or 2hand, the other korean dagger did a video 1-2 years ago and there he already said 2 hand makes 35% more damage as 1hand. So next time if you have something to tell, come with facts not guessing.
  5. That are the dagger wrong description, with dual dagger you have reset of skills too, here the video Dual Dagger is always better as single, only newbie Daggers believe in the single hand dagger(or you wasnt lucky to get a dual dagger).
  6. Hey, gamecoast got real retail files. Just play it and you will see. Long time online already. My character have been created on 26.09.2016 and never was a wipe here or something.
  7. I dont see the price went down, 75 Scroll enchant scrolls (grey ones) still cost the same amount of 1875 rub and the best one if i buy them direct i dont get even stable scrolls. Half the price from the Einhasad shop by the cloaks and then we can say its a better price. For now to introduce Cloaks in Einhasad Store was not needed like this.
  8. There is even a post in the english forum, i think he need to learn use his brain.
  9. Only on new server, this items nobody needs on old server
  10. I dont know why you people even care for this? You think you will have more chances if people can't transfer IM? Realistic nothing will change if a player from old server want to start with 10k IM on new server, you think he can't just donate 10k rub too? Most of you guys who are crying about this will be nonfactors anyways, with it or without it.
  11. Skadi Skadi was the mountain giant in the Norse mythology. She was the wife of Njord and then of Odin. Her name Skadi means ‘damage’ in Old Norse.