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  1. Система Кристаллов Улучшение от D до S Обмен на предметы Монеты L Новинки Товары за адены Удаление Снижение цены Зоны охоты Предметы Краски Талисман Евы Драгоценные камни Легендарные Плащи Прочее Изменения Удаление Ежедневные задания Умения Интерфейс Передача координат Телепортация Почтовый ящик Действия Игральные кости Прочее Прочее Изменения Исправление ошибок
  2. Sex change You can change the gender of the character for 210 rubles, provided that there is no binding of gender to the class (for example, Kamael, Ertheia). To do this, top up your balance with 210 rubles. and write in the application the gender of which character You want to change. Name change Changing the name of the character costs 300 rubles. You can change the nickname by going to your profile on the site in the Accounts tab. There, select the desired account and then a nickname. Changing the Clan name The character must be the head of the clan and have 700 rubles on the account balance. The request must be from the same game account where you want to use this service. Write the old and new name of the clan. Please note that the change of clan name will only take effect after a planned restart. Transferring items Lineage 2 The transfer service is paid-500 rubles. The funds just need to be in the account account. You can also transfer items to another character on the same master account without additional identification. Make a complete list of items with names by client and specify the characters nicknames. You can transfer up to 10 types of items at a time (cell count). It doesn't matter how many characters there are, it will be considered a transfer by items in your list, for example: From character A to character B - 9 Daily Coins From character A to character B - 20 Daily Coins From character A to character B-102 Daily Coins these are three cells. You can transfer any number of cells at a time, but transferring every 10 costs 500 rubles. It is forbidden to exchange any game items between servers. Quest items and tattoos are not transferred. On Homunculus servers, you can't transfer any kind of personal items that are given to a character, and cannot be obtained in any other way. Example: Certificate - Dual Class On Classic servers: Red Lantern, Purple Lantern, Blue Lantern, Green Lantern, and L-Coins cannot be transferred. It is important to know that: "cell count" means that you can transfer everything that fits in a single cell. For example, each stone (ruby, amethyst, or any other) is a single cell. And there can be many "PA - Art of Seduction" items in one cell, and all these items can be transferred from one cell at the same time. You can move items between different characters on different game accounts at the same time, not just from the first character to the second. Then the list should clearly indicate the nicknames of the characters from which it is necessary to transfer items and nicknames of the characters on which to move it. The transfer is performed only within one master account, and not between different master accounts. Dear players! Please note that Characters and / or game accounts are not transferable! Example of applying for the transfer of items: The rules for transferring items were changed from April 3, 2018: the ability to transfer items between master accounts has been removed.
  3. Orthodox Christians today celebrate the bright holiday of the Nativity of Christ. Merry Christmas! Let the heart be warmed by love, and the soul by dreams! Let life pleases with pleasant meetings with friends, and fate-with great luck! Let every day become a special event, and every holiday-a real miracle! We wish you all the best, happiness and warmth!
  4. Православные христиане сегодня отмечают светлый праздник Рождества Христова. С Рождеством! Пусть сердце будет согрето любовью, а душа — мечтами! Пусть жизнь радует приятными встречами с друзьями, а судьба — большой удачей! Пусть каждый день становится особым событием, а каждый праздник — настоящим чудом! Мы желаем вам добра, благ всех, счастья и тепла!
  5. Dear friends! We heartily wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! To celebrate this holidays we want to start the fan art contest. Contest "New year L2 card" New year is one of the most wonderful holiday, which is eagerly awaited by children and adults. This is time of gifts, wish fulfillment and real magic. We ask you to reflect in your contest works the atmosphere of this holiday among characters of the Lineage II. And contest subject will help you the most — because our competition theme is sincere wishes to each other =) Date: December 30. 2019 - January 30. 2020. Idea and design: Postcard; Theme: New year. You need to come up with your own "card", which depict the character from Lineage 2 in the new year style. Also, your image has to have some text with a New Year greeting like "Happy New Year!". Example: Contest rules: The minimum work size should be 1024х512. Size can be increased and orientation can be both horizontal or vertical; Only one work can be accepted from each participant, you need to post it along with several images of your work process; The work can be done in a convenient way for you: in a graphics editor, drawn on paper with a pencils, paints, etc.; The work should be drawn from scratch. Collages, remake screenshots and compiles will not be accepted; Full copying of existing arts is not allowed; The GameCoast logo must be present on the work (logo1 or logo2); Content of the work should correspond to the contest concept. The administration reserves right to moderate content that does not match the contest subject; Published works should not violate the rules of the forum; The administration reserves right to remove obscene or offensive works; This topic is intended only for discussion of the competition rules, you should post your works in this topic (link). Publication of works in the relevant topic! Rewards: Our winners will be announced within a week of the end of the competition. 1st place - 10,000 rubles on the MA balance; 2nd place - 7,000 rubles on the MA balance; 3rd place - 5,000 rubles on the MA balance; 4th place - 3,000 rubles on the MA balance; 5th place - 1,500 rubles on the MA balance.
  6. Dear friends! We would like to congratulate you on the upcoming 2020 year, as well as to launch a photo contest. Photo contest "My Christmas tree" New year is one of the most favorite and bright holidays, which is celebrated with pleasure in many countries of the world. The holiday itself and the memories of it evoke vivid feelings and emotions of joy, pleasure, expectation of something special, happiness, love, care for each other, for their beloved ones, and all people are very similar in this. You can show your "forest beauty" and the atmosphere of this joyful holiday in this competition. Participants with the most original works will receive good prizes from the Administration. Contest period: December 25, 2019 - January 8, 2020. About the rules: - You need to post no more than 2 photos in comments to this topic; - The logo of our project must be posted on the photo - "GameCoast" Written on a sheet; - The work has to be aligned to the subject of the contest - Christmas tree at home; - Each photo can be posted just from 1 participant; - Using of the photoshop or other graphics editors is allowed only for the background or effects that make details of a photo clearer; - Each participant must specify the nickname of the character along with their work. Additional condition: - The works of the participants will be evaluated in accordance with the fulfilled conditions of the competition; - It is prohibited to post not your photos - disqualification; - Be sure to add the raw material after using graphics editors;- Administration is the jury, likes are not considered. The final list of winners is not subject to appeal. Prizes: 1st place - 5,000 rubles on the balance of the master account; 2nd place - 3,000 rubles on the balance of the master account; 3rd place - 2,000 rubles on the balance of the master account; 4th place - 1,500 rubles on the balance of the master account; 5th place - 1,000 rubles on the balance of the master account. Publication of your works! Our winners: @Voroshka @Ryuzetsu @pve @OwnedCry @Nomercyzx