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  1. Cause i've tested the macro problem that i posted here months ago on Official - Chronos too. On official this problem didn't persisted. So for this bug to occur here on this server, maybe we need to(if we face them) report them. At least that comes to my mind. I'm not trying to be mean by any means necessary.
  2. Do we get any news on for example in-game bugs/glitches when they're fixed. I'm saying this cause i've reported some bugs months ago and i haven't seen anything newsworthy about this kind of stuff.
  3. WTF, so i'll lose my event weapons? Noooo
  4. Guys, look i've reaally loved L2, i've been playing it for more than 5 years now and i just got tired of this buff system that requires you to run the game multiple times. It's been fun to to play Lineage II :). I wish you good luck to all. And i'm not coming for replies, this is my final comment. Maybe we'll see each other in Project TL. Bye guys.