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  1. Hello, how much money is needed to be spend on the server in order to reach VIP lvl 7? Also is regular dual boxing max 3 (without premium) and with premium max 5, or you need to have all 5 accounts premium in order to log them in same time?
  2. Is the problem with high traffic gonna be solved any time soon?
  3. You will open more slots so people can log in?
  4. He will realize that much later if it even reaches that stage :)
  5. Well game masters will have to spawn additional monsters in game, it was same on official.
  6. Hello I am looking for group that got a proper setup and need an active support player on Warcryer, I got big exp from Classic server (Skelth) and upcoming Midgard server looks like a server with good future when it comes to pvp, I will be able to play 8h+ a day, for more info either add me on skype: tzsplicho or just add me on discord: SplichO#3211 ps. I will also start a Spoiler/Warsmith with help of one more friend. Have fun! Haters gonna hate, fans gonna cheer! ;)
  7. Somewhere we can talk about, I like the fact you gonna play allot.
  8. Can you pass me also discord if we can talk about this, I am looking for a proper group also, I can play tyrant/dagger. ps.Was hero GK on Skelth.