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  1. nick : MagicElf yes, again me :) this time i hope for 12k rubles :)
  2. Healer lf CP - pm here or discord magicelf#7035 i can play in any CP - RU/PL/EN/etc
  3. Tribunal create zerg (200ppl) to take aden - after siege all castles dark - after 2h in game pvp vs dark castle they left clan - atm there is no pvp only pve :D gf tribunal now u farm w.o clan :D
  4. well ur rats to play with 2 pts in 9 vs 9
  5. so 1 full pt + spoiler +(bd+ee out of party) = 12 vs 9 lol:D
  6. he stream only 2 days from 7 days and he won 12k rubles i stream every day more the 3h got like 15-20 viewers and no win :) ok thx u gamecoast nice event please check again the streamers this is not normal....
  7. who won ?:D hop hop :D
  8. Pls fix test of saggitarius, can't speak with Hamil after 10 q items in ant nest PS: our pt is 40 and we cant farm with C weps bcoz of this quest - please fix this fast ! thx !
  9. You still have time 1 more day to say sorry to me for this.