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  1. Are you adding the shop to exchange Giran Seal's also or just Aden's Blessing Pack will be presented?
  2. Raz

    Open Beta Test

    в коробке отсутствует последние три вещи - Aden Lv. 16, Hardin Lv. 11и венец +5.
  3. Hopefully Aden server won't be left to die!
  4. Hi all, After today's update, i am experiencing error of "High Server Traffic". I did all possible solutions i could find on internet and still nothing works. See image off full error message attached. Also if someone know 100% solution, i would greatly appreciate it.
  5. I have purchased L coins and in game my balance still remain 0. It's been a while since i donated and still nothing! Any help, suggestions or what should i do?