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  1. It´s said that level 16 chars can enter but ingame you have to be level 60 to enter the event dungeon. Can anyone of the admins clarify? Other thing is the "Hot mushroom stew" should be buyable once a day. I bought it yesterday but I can´t buy it today.
  2. Hello, I would like to give some feedback as an english player who have been on this server from day 1. The main progress in this game comes from the daily quests. For the dailies you need a group and if you can´t find a group you are limited to the 3/7 daily reward. There were a few english player at the beginning but most of them left because they weren´t able to find groups for the dailies. At the moment I´m logging in, I do the 3 dailies which I can do solo (Mushin, Moon Refuge and Korak) and then stare at the chat in hope to find a group. However since I am english player I´m just kind of guessing what´s written in chat. Most of the days I find nobody to do the dailies. As mentioned before there is no way to progress without the dailies. At the moment I need onyx scales. With no possibility to do dungeons I can´t get them from there. You can buy onyx scales in different shops but you can´t get the currency if you can´t do the daily quests. You can craft them but you need rare elements which only drop in dungeons. You can buy rare elements from a vendor in mushin tower but you can only buy like 12 rare elements a week. In order to craft 8 onyx scales you need 2 months this way. I really love this game and this server and I don´t want to quit. I also bought premium and some costumes but in the current state it´s not playable if you can´t find groups. Please consider the following from what I´ve seen on other private servers: Playerbase is always a problem on private servers. There need to be an alternative way to progress if you can´t find people to play. For example you could add daily rewards to mushin tower 1-20 which drop some of the needed materials so solo players can also make little progress over time. There should always be a event where you can get some of the upgrade materials- something like a daily quest in older dungeons that gives event currency which can be traded in Another possibility is to make something like starter dungeons with reduced hp/damage where those upgrade materials drop and that can be done solo. Remove the weekly limit for the rare elements at Mushin Tower. Thanks for reading.
  3. Hello, I just started playing Blade and Soul and liked it so far. However I have some questions on the item shop: A costume is like 635 NC coins. How do I get NC coins and how much EURO do you have to pay for 100 NC coins? I do know that you can donate on the homepage under the account tab but all prices are in "R". How much R do I have to donate to be able to buy a costume for 635 NC coins?