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  1. Hello, i am planning on making a clan in the game for English speaking players. Thumps up if you are up for it. i will make it once i see a fair count of 6+ players Regards, Edwinyan, Gunsligner
  2. Hello, I have some suggestions for a better playing atmosphere where retail failed or averted eyes on to do which made it more pay to win game and will 100% attract more unsatisfied people from retail to this server(guarenteed): 1- Premium membership is an essential feature, try to put it for 0 ncoins, a permanent one and once per account to counter any abuse. 2- remove any upgrading item that can be acquired in the game such as ( elysians, moonstones, soulstones, premium transformation stones, sacred orbs, scales, etc ... you know what i mean ) from the shop. which will enhance the community market business making trades and in game market lively. 3- remove gears such as legendary gloves, belt, necklace, bracelet, earring, ring, soul, heart, weapon from the shop. to make people be satisfied with gaining power through playing the game and learning it. i see very sadly people just swiping visa to buy items in retail and become too strong without a single knowledge of the game for example. 4- Try to make the shop friendly for cosmetic lovers for money where people can enjoy donating to look great without harming the game progress. 5- All types of vouchers for 0 ncoins also but with limited number of purchase, like 12 of lvl 60 voucher as game has 12 slots for 12 possible classes. Same for other vouchers as alteration, naming, gender etc with limited number of purchase not more than 12 for each. 6- Add some exclusive retail item that were only acquired through the shop to be farmable in game such as Pet pods and Sacred oils. which will also enhances the community market business.either as a drop from specific monsters/bosses or as dragon express reward for a collectable currency to exchange without weekly limit ( the current retail has limit of 2 per week, 2 from event ) 7- A permanent windwalk from the start in all map areas would also be super nice. not exclusive to places such as Moon Refuge or Celestial Basin etc. 8- Make the client bitness switchable from x86 and x64. right now we are FORCED to run though x64 only. 9- A way to show online players on the server on the homepage of the website like the rest of other games. I know a LOT of players who will be thrilled to join your server from the English/German/french/Spanish community once they hear about these changes that frustrate them on retail and made them quit the game. i can vouch for some to join! PS : Possibility to put any of these as a POLL survey Best regards from a gamer since 2016
  3. Hello, and thank you for reading my post. Yes i know it is on testing stage Aka OBT ( Open Beta Test ), and those suggestions are only for the testing period to help speed up the process, and more players would be more motivated to participate then for the launch you wipe the data and make it fresh start for all :3
  4. Hello, and thank you for the first up to date server, soon enough we can bid NCFagSoft a worthy GOODBYE Server is working, But no soul there. But that's not a real problem. I would suggest a few addons to attract players in order to speedup the bug correction tests and all that. same time making them have a nice gameplay ride along the way. 1-I noticed that there is no in game shop, it would be nice to have one witth 0 Ncoins items: 2- Permanant or long duration free Premium membership in f10. because yes, remote stash, and especially the no cool down windstride are helpful to progress faster 3- free Showroom f3 with or without premium 4- lvl 60 Voucher is order to let some players try different classes in their maxed skills aside from those speed running the story 5- Add Windwalk necessary items in dragon express or f10 for free to max stamina and speed up the gameplay or make it unlimited from the start in all maps (like how it is for Moonrefuge or Midnight Skypetal Plains for example) 6- character creation / character alteration / gender change / name change could be tried too 7- fashion items and upgrading items [Add possiblity to switch between Client's binary x86 / 64] By default game only uses 64bits Thank you for your efforts❤️