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  1. Nightmare

    Red Libra

    its still broken, cannot exchange Cat's Eye lvl 4 Amethyst lvl 4 also not on list ...
  2. Nightmare

    Red Libra

    please fix before the event ends...
  3. well the No XP Loss Upon Death bonus doesnt work
  4. Nothings wrong with them, just the fact that l2 became a Casino, rather then a moo. if NC would go back to the P2P model, they would have they servers full agian, rather then 3k bots. nvm, just a question for the owners.
  5. Is there any chance you would open a P2P shard of this game? We all know, that F2P is P2W. I guess a P2P version without Tarots, Chests and other L2Store stuff would be very intresting, and would atract people even from NA