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  1. the same thing happen with the retributer and caster , retributer still have more damage but alot player prefer play with caster in feoh .. 10% damage will not make you better or worse than anyone else. I think this game gives you the opportunity to choose which weapon to play.
  2. It seems that this Korean does not think the same
  3. hey bro help me with me ticket #139310
  4. @Mark Twainimpossible play in the new server for dcs
  5. @[email protected] [email protected] GC Hey guys , whats happen with the latin proxy ? my friends and my have alot ping 2 sec almost... need the proxy please !
  6. if you dont like the new update , dont like a new server so i hope dont see you tomorrow in the new server , thats is hypocrisy
  7. Administrators should show an announcement of the update next to the new server, right? I ask you what you know more because they never answer
  8. nobody care old server , administration have all atention in the new ...
  9. yeah 100% , because in the old server the market now its dead nobody sell and buy anything, all waiting the new server
  10. nobody play in old server now , its a dead server waiting for future merged with the new, and you have alot promotion in new server for farm coin in instances and quests in old server no ... administration made right way put this new server in hopzone web , i see alot players in the first day new server for sure !
  11. not dragon weapons and legendary cloaks in the begin thats its perfect !!!!!
  12. yeah i wanna see this evo rats fight in the new server , all evo members want this things in old server for farm free because sahonya not interest still playing old server..
  13. @Supervisor @Mark Twainif you permit in old fenrir server drop coins in the Raidboss and hero status its so bad thing because in the old server only 1 clan farmer raidboss and have the same heros all months no fights , you need better have this thing only in the new server at this moment and waiting for the future merged servers... no sense fights this new things in the new server when in old server 1 clan farm all this things free without fight and when merged thats clan have alooooot more advantage .... you need thinking about this
  14. dont worry guys , admins ever take the most poor name for his new servers
  15. the same rates like old fenrir server , i mean x2 quest in exalted and other quest ..