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  1. Well people with 2 pc will use 4 toons, I don't think it will change the server economy in positive way.
  2. the scrolls are increasing received experience on all levels (1-126)
  3. @Zephyrwould be nice if we could set up notifications separately to each game account, or server. For example I would like to get death notifications on essence, but on ares or fenrir it's not needed, playing from one master account. And if you could tell me, is there any way to decrease delay between in game action (ex disconnect) and notification? It's currently 3 minutes afaik. Or it doesn't depend by u?
  4. The content is already gone from official, there's no reason for it, it was decent feature before einhasad store, now it's pointless
  5. Since you need to verify your PC anyways, I don't see the reason to annoy people with time block after a few failed attempts.
  6. There's no bugged quest, you just press to continue the quest, instead of finishing it. So much posts on forum, and yet, not capable of reading with understanding.
  7. I proposed it to be 24/7, it can't be really abused, and you are forced to be active all the time. We tested it earlier, it's like 2.2k coins for whole duration of 3 hours, if you killing just tyrs, and that's unlikely someone will be doing just that, and won't farm scrolls, which are more valuable anyways.
  8. I exchange 3.5k fish and didn't notice it, that's pitty
  9. We simply need good adena sink, on Korea lately they had lottery event with tickets for adena, we had such event previously on fenrir, could be probably done on both servers again.
  10. I suppose it has something to do with bot protection, it's better than off
  11. + for dragon weaps, I don't want to overenchant useless r110 weaps
  12. to be more spiecific, the notification from fenrir work fine, I restart character, or it dies, I get the voice notification, and it appears on the phone screen, but from Ares, it doesn't untill you open telegram, and check it yourself.