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  1. @Supervisor другая проблема, когда ограничение уровня будет снято или исправлено? игроки ares прокачаны по х20 рейтам, новые 126 прокачаны с большим бонусом к опыту. Почему мы вложили столько денег и времени в прокачку? мы уже потеряли преимущество в уровне, ради которого упорно трудились, и теперь мы также теряем рейтинговые бонусы а решение довольно простое, сделайте возможность потерять опыт на 126 уровне, чтобы мы могли повторить его с большими бонусами
  2. adena rates on Ares server are significantly lower than on Fenrir, around 30% from what I remember, so the difference between prices it's fully understandable
  3. dont have that much adena left, I constantly spend it for various things on auction house, so don't worry 😜 also since I'm 126 level on both main and dual, I farm it with penalty in ToI
  4. @MAKRUHA I didn't say to remove them from fort completly, but reduce it, so top players have no intrest in them, with ur logic, whats the difference weather we farm castles, or we hold 11 forts?
  5. The exp should stay x10, and it would be better to lower tha adena rates to x1, seems less complicated process to go thru (prices x1 like they used to be) reduce fenrir adena x10 on everyone, on ares x7 if that's the correct rates @Supervisoralso maybe it's time to reduce/remove einhasad coins from forts, and instead implement them to castles?
  6. everything is alright, but what about promotion with new scrolls, life stones? and is update even in plans? you could at least add new libra
  7. @Supervisor wouldn't it be better if it was announced on chat for all, time and location once it spawns? Who has time to run to npc every 1h with 1 client available
  8. Maybe it would be better if the spawn/location announcement would be displayed on global chat? atm only handful of players are running after them, and you need to constantly monitor the NPC, which is silly thing to do with just one client available.
  9. It's odd, cause it works fine on ares, but on fenrir it doesn't
  10. From a player point of view, opening new server makes no sense, instead of fixing and developing old one, you go easy way out and reopen same exact server again. I think this is the first time in history of the project to start new server so early after previous one, it feels like someone here got hungry for profit, at expense of the reputation, which was built for years. Sad story. This project was always known for it's stability, and it was different from the garbage java servers that reopen every 1 - 3 months. Hope it won't turn this way here as well.
  11. what about x2 exp on ares? will it finally end? it's already twice longer than it supposed to be
  12. Will the potions that increase statistics for 10 fragments each gonna be removed after the event ends or not? @Mark Twain @Rafael GC
  13. Will the essence players ever be satisfied with what they get? Isn't class change enough already? You saved plenty of resources, don't see a point to custom change something that was intended to be untradeable from the beginning. You can reuse these books once you change the class back to the previous one.