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  1. Why dont you join the olympiad and find out yourself what I've done with the coins. When I played actively on the server, I used to farm all these coins in 12h per week, which is probably less time than you spend on the forum and since 5 months or so, all I do, is helping the clannies in olympiad.
  2. How is Fort the issue here? While army of dohiks is farming instances which bring endless coins, if I wasn't lazy I'd keep farming 1kk coins a week, but what's the point? By the looks of it, there won't be an update anytime soon or maybe never. Admins don't even care to answer to players who are playing here for over 4 years, so don't waste your time on forum and move on.
  3. Let's be honest, I don't think many people are opening these lootboxes, since there's nothing new in them, they can't even add 1 new item to make it interesting for end game players, who got millions of coins stockpiled.
  4. @Myo same loot, different lootbox name, same story for last 4 promotions, they could leave the lootbox available forever, would be the same thing
  5. 2 years ago we reported how bbb hid the swords in toi, where there was no access anymore, but admins didn't care at all, and now when the server is empty, they make some meaningless changes. Classic gamecoast.
  6. over a day after server restart, and dimensional server is still off 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
  7. Another pointless lootbox, with horrible chances for normal rewards, last 3 promotions were just like that. If you can't come up with new content, at least increase the odds, 1 scroll for cloak every 20k lootboxes? it's funny that it's harder to get end-game items here, than on ru off at this point
  8. Preparations to close main servers, so this guy stops spamming forum 24/7 xd
  9. Move on already, and don't waste your time on pointless spam, you won't get any answers.
  10. I started playing java essence, where once introduced lootboxes remain available to purchase permanently, and they just keep adding new ones. It's pretty good solution.
  11. Don't worry, new promotion will be introduced after long awaited update, ant queen part II
  12. According to your clan leader, there won't be update)
  13. заметил 1 прикол, вы используете любую возможность на публике, чтобы залезть в админскую задницу, это не печально?
  14. Why can't we get an event that actually requires some activity from the players? Am I the only one who's bored with all these repeatable lootboxes, and afk events?