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  1. ~50 vs ~50, Dimensional Siege ~2013
  2. You can't login on server during maintenance...
  3. I don't have this kind of issues (iOS). EDIT. I take it back. It is not happening on old accounts, it is happening on new accounts.
  4. Unfortunately it will be swamp in a few months. People are too much nostalgic and thinks they will achieve something in this game without donating. And if will be possible to transfer IM from current server... RIP newbies.
  5. There is, just use brain. 🤪
  6. Even if I skip ToI I will make 500B/per week. Sure, I have items. But there are so many another ways how make adena - resell on market, farm Primeval... You are just lazy. Only issue of server is infinite boxes - there is not enough active supports. But if you have friends, you can always try to make cp. Now with crazy xp in Varka/Ketra leveling goes fast.
  7. What is bad on this? Everyone can make chars for toi. Same as could make for golden altar before. And archer with lvl 3 bow making 180b adena in toi is some really noob.
  8. @Rafael GC, date and time in text is not correct.
  9. Enjoy He is that 5% and bbl will kill most of people on server even without cloak with his items...
  10. +20 pvp / ferios cloaks op for oly (10 / 20 sec cele on first and last oly match) but impossible for 95% people on server make it.
  11. It is same with dragon weapon skills. On official works different then by us because they "fixed" it.
  12. Thanks for keeping double exp on Storm Isle longer, now I am sad I was lazy 🙃
  13. Read more carefully next time...сокровища-маммона/?tab=comments#comment-170290 (from May 20 to June 04)сокровища-маммона/page/6/?tab=comments#comment-173039 (extended by two weeks - to June 18)
  14. I think they never had it. EDIT. They also don't have cloaks and much dw weapons. So PVP is much more balanced.