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  1. I don't have this kind of issues (iOS). EDIT. I take it back. It is not happening on old accounts, it is happening on new accounts.
  2. Unfortunately it will be swamp in a few months. People are too much nostalgic and thinks they will achieve something in this game without donating. And if will be possible to transfer IM from current server... RIP newbies.
  3. 1500 boxes but very lucky
  4. I spend more than 15k rub for second augment, did not got it. Friend tried it with few stones, got it. Korean random 🙂 This things better buy finished.
  5. So BBB were crying for years that EVO is using some soft and... Actually it is not surprise for me Admins please do proper punishment.
  6. On next update it will drop from instance location/s (?) Atleast some update...
  7. My record is 1200+ for +5. Friends 1800+. Deal with it Now it's free, when it was introduced in store I needed 800 scrolls... And if we will get update as on NA chances of enchanting will be even lower - "The LUC activation bonus rate has been adjusted according to the LUC value.". This things is always better buy finished than try gamble.