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  1. looking for a fighter CP range/melee - with active support, not boxes prime 18-00 aprox +/- (GMT+1) contact me here or in game "Gnessenau
  2. Keyboard/Mouse macros Is allowed to use this kind of macro system or is it forbiden and against rule 3.1? Can u even detect this and confirm the guy is using this ? or is it waste of time to do proofs from game.
  3. few guys playing from morning till late night, the others when we come from work 17/18:00 till 00:00 CET+1 aprox +/-
  4. Dorfild - Human fighter in Brigandine set tried to scam me of my bow. He offers way too high price for your item, when u re trading already and u put your item in, instead of he is putting the items u dealt on he puts in trade gems + rune and askes if u can put it in your weapon. I didnt lose my items to him cuz i was not stupid. Take care.
  5. u can farm those rbs (without guards) in 1 pt, get a tank, archers and full buff, 1 healer enought aprox 85kk exp on exp boosts
  6. an archer CP is lf SWS we are 77-79 lvls madpro side prime: 18 - 00 +/- CET +1 in game: Gnessenau, Encube, D4rkB4r0n, Ienek, Qmor, eMko