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  1. Sonel

    Name Contest

    Freya Freya was one of the most sensual and passionate goddesses in Norse mythology. She was associated with much of the same qualities as Frigg: love, fertility and beauty. She was the sister of Freyr.
  2. Hello

    "Participation in the test" name of the character Sonel

    Thx  a lot.

    1. Flashback


      :D это не личное сообщение

    2. Alam


      ему не обязательно об этом знать :D

  3. What i dont understend is how 1 guy takes 5 greater juwlery lvl 5 ---more then whole server... its about donations? I understend 1-2-mby 3 but him take 5 lvl greater juwlery lvl 5 alone wtf gms what is that.... more then the whole fukn server....
  4. Sonel

    DD LF CP

    DD LF CP DD lf CP -English- Donate NP -
  5. Low-Donation Player Lf cp , Play time PM ,class PM .
  6. I know you play only becouse no friends to play with dude my cp we know betwin us from years and about gear who care if all farmers leaved after tons of expoits and rr server with boss up and many other thing where you get the imba gear , now when another pple get items omg strong pts are gone hehehe, your cp sunbird cp was all clan ?? of course you ware strong on beginig when you play no life, we are afternoon pt 3-5 h play a day so of course you gear up fast ...... whatever gl bro cya you around ^^
  7. Dude any time you fell gvg call me about heroes i got 2 archers me and Ivan in my cp next month we will see !!! i dont even care about heroes i only love pvp see you next sieges lets see how stronk you are :):) Rise clan power Knock Knock Aden :D:D
  8. You are history no one knows who is hero a first month farmer thats all second month sell all gg well play :D:D:D
  9. Hero at least you are a forum worrior gl !! w8 ingame to see what you can do if you can outplay whaterver you dream !!!
  10. Hero i dont know why you pst here you already check out dude your time was on begining of server becouse pple was naked but now you are 0 mby 1 v 1 you do something in oly but in open area after steal mind skill you are 2 shots . So BB anf gl in Check Out and GL in next server with farm and check out earalier R1ch B1ch (True Farmer )
  11. Hello

    I have master acount: [email protected] main char Sonel

    I come  home about 20 min ago and i got the window on try to connect i got banned from the server contact administration.

    Mby your game guard see something cuz i didnt clove ma l2 from my brother him play another server and i didnt clove his programs now  need to see what is going one why i got ban..

    1. Sonel


      Igot unban on the ticket i made thx for it