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  1. Hello, since i couldn't find any international clan, which is capable or at least trying to organize some activities for members i have created one! We're 3lvl clan with 6% bonus. And have 17 members in our clan (including boxes for now, we will create alternate clan later) For now i totally don't care what is your class or what is your level, so if you are looking for clan not only for exp bonus and chat feel free to join us. You can contact one of us: "rofLcopter, "Draktharr, "phpMyAdmin, "MySql, "redu, "luoux, "xraigeki Enjoy your game! :)
  2. Hello, we are both experienced players playing l2 since 2009, playing mostly on evenings every day, more at weekends. Pm/mail me in game (nickname same as forum name) or here at forum. We are looking clan not only for chat, would like to organise some parties.